Monday, July 4, 2011

Toys and Charity

My son’s bedroom in our new house is much smaller than his old room.  For perspective, his old room was the size of most master bedrooms; the new room is what anyone would consider a normal size for a kid’s room--no problem there.  But the boy has a ton of toys.  This is as much my doing as anyone else’s, but it’s going to force a change.  Fortunately, there’s a plan.  A good one.

Long before we had Paul, one of my sisters told me she was doing something with her kids as they got new toys.  As I recall it was for Christmas.  As her boys got new toys (as gifts), she told them they had to pick out old toys to give to kids who didn’t have toys of their own.  I loved the idea then, and even more so now.  Paul is old enough to understand.  He’s already very aware of the importance of sharing; this seems to be a next logical step.  Our recent move is fueling this, but if my plan works, we’ll apply this new practice throughout the year, certainly at key toy times such as Christmas and his birthday, but even as a form of Spring cleaning.
Steph and I will track down a local orphanage, shelter, or appropriate charity that puts used toys in good condition to good use.  I’m excited to see how this goes and hope Paul embraces this, and becomes an active participant in something charitable, especially at a young age.  Of course, we’ll be loving and gentle with this so he doesn’t think this compulsory or some sort of punishment.  If we succeed, he’ll participate and see this form of giving as something good and fun.
It’s great to be a dad!

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