Sunday, June 26, 2011

18 Awesome Years!

This is going to get personal, but it’s a part of who I am as a husband and dad.  Don’t worry:  it’s good!

Eighteen years ago today Stephanie and I stepped into marriage.  It was a traditional ceremony in our church in Colorado Springs, with an amazing view of Pike’s Peak as we walked from the church, ceremony complete, and headed to an evening reception with our family and friends.
The next morning we jetted off to Bermuda for our honeymoon, and began our life together.  Not our lives, but our single, merged life.  That was our intent.  Since then, we’ve moved 10 times, and lived on two continents and an island.  You’ve helped make every place we’ve been fun, and also endured deployments, surgeries, injuries, blizzards and a hurricane.  All of this has been wonderful seasoning added to the best thing that could have ever happened to a simple guy like me--marrying you.  What Ronald Reagan said about his wife Nancy is equally true for me and you:  I could be in a room full of people but when you step out, I’m alone.
Now, 18 years later, we have an amazing son, and we remain best friends and lovers.  I love you, Stephanie.  Thank you for saying “yes” so many years ago and standing by my side, and following me around the world.  You’re half of who I am (and the best half for sure!), my sounding board, and often times my conscience.  Thank you for being my wife and the mother of my son; without you I wouldn’t be a husband and father.  I can’t imagine what the last 18 years would have looked like without you and can’t wait to see what the next 18 years have in store for us!  I love you with all my heart, always!
It’s great to be a dad!


  1. aww you made me cry. That's beautiful x

  2. Thanks Rachel; I hope they were happy tears!


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